“The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity”, said Yeats.  It is a sad time when discussing matters of law enforcement, one has to declaim that one honors, respects, and supports the fine men and women of law-enforcement who get up every morning and put on a badge and a gun to protect and serve. There was a time when this would have gone without saying.   Some of us were raised by parents who instructed us that if we were ever separated from our family, or if we were in any kind of trouble, we should look for, or call, a policeman. Today with Public calls for the murder of law-enforcement officers, and the demands made to abolish certain brands of law enforcement, it is a sad, redundant necessity when one has to reiterate honor for law enforcement, especially when one is trying to bring
attention to the stupidity, venality and absurdity of those authorities that supposedly oversee and manage the heroic men and women of law-enforcement;  the ones who stand on the ramparts.

So here it is – I, and I am sure our mid- western heroes, are all highly supportive of the men and women of law-enforcement. Our visiting victims called them for help, which just happens to be the point of our story. –

The Quality of Mercy Part the Third – The Real “Wasteland“

At this point we want to announce that for those of the squeamish among us; those of heightened sensitivity or weak stomach, you may want to skip this next bit. 

Our intrepid heroes, now victims, are still on the phone.

Police person – Sergeant Feinstein here, how can I help?

BM – are you related to…. never mind, I want to report a theft and let me guess; you are the police but you cannot help us citizens who had a car vandalized and cell phones and computers stolen.

P – very perspicacious sir – this is BADD.

BM – I know it’s bad but can you help?

P – with a robbery? This is BADD.

BM- yes sir. it is bad, I’m living through it, can you help me make it less bad?

P – no sir this is BADD – the Bay Area Defecation Division.

BM  I’m terrified to ask …..

P – yes sir we are policeman and women sekunded to BADD, tasked with mapping the larger deposits of human feces on streets, alleys, and bike paths. We do this in order to alert pedestrians, and to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless. Our job is to make a map so the people with cell phones can download the app and be informed.

BM– download to your cell phone ha ha, I guess that leaves me out.

P- yes that’s too bad, I mean bad as in not good.

BM – and your BADD?

P – yes sir.

BM – is it safe to say you’re in deep Doo Doo?  (Even in extremis, the stalwart friends can find a reason for levity and show their mettle).
P – very funny Sir.

BM – is there one of your steep hill streets that come up from the ocean that is called “Creek. If there was you could drive up there, put it on your app and say you’re now going up s@#t creek……..

P – that is enough sir. You are not funny!

MV – and you were BADD and I’m still robbed and out of a phone and a computer and I can’t even download your stupid app.

P – a person of privilege who owns a car, and the cell phone, and the computer, cannot possibly give advice to those who try to draw attention to the plight of the homeless and the difficulties they have living in an unjust society.

BM- I can certainly advise them to advise the homeless to use the toilet.

P – so typical reaction.  You’re a racist.  I have your location on a computer screen and I will send a squad car.

BM – glad you have a computer. I suppose you’ll add my position and location on your
fecal map.

P – I might sir, I just might.

So we are left with our stranded friends, strangers in a strange land, wondering the same thing – What is mercy if it allows individuals to continue to destroy their life and make the lives of others a form of misery?  Think of the statement made by one city booster who said the place is safe if you visit in the daytime.  Is it justice that regular folks have to lock themselves up at night like those who know the vampires are loose?  Is it justice to allow folks to engage in activity that might bring hazard to their neighbors?

We can debate those things at another time, but we have one more act to appear on this strange stage tomorrow.