We have been talking about Pharisaical Hypocrites and will continue to do so but today is important to me and all Americans so ………………

On Veterans Day we remember Those who served and those who are serving in the
military.  We should also remember that there are  “160 active and Reserve LCMS
Armed Forces Chaplains stationed around the world. These pastors proclaim the Word
of life, in environments often shrouded in death. Their flocks frequently come and
go, providing scant opportunity for long-term ministry. Their work takes place in
some of the most difficult situations any pastor could ever face, where lives can be
unraveled in an instant”.  That is what Pam Nielson a reporter and deaconess that
works for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod wrote.

I have the privilege to sign the call documents to Chaplains who are called through
our churches Ministry to the Armed Forces and it is a privilege and honor.

“The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s (LCMS) Ministry to the Armed Forces (MAF) is
authorized as the mission arm of the Synod to support and serve all military
chaplains — active and reserve — their families and the veteran population. MAF
recruits, interviews and endorses all military chaplains; sponsors annual training
for all chaplains; and maintains close, pastoral relationships with chaplains after
endorsement, offering counsel, training and advice throughout their entire careers.”
That is the official statement about MAF in our churches publications.

There are wonderful ways that you can participate.  Here is a great one.  You can do
this –

Help our Lutheran servicemen and women stay spiritually strong while they serve by
enrolling them in the Ministry-by-Mail program. The LCMS is the only denomination to
support its members serving in the Armed Forces in such a direct way. Servicemen and
women receive materials in an initial packet when their name is put into the
program, then they regularly receive copies of Portals of Prayer. To add a member or
update an address, call 800-248-1930, ext. 1337.