went to church at Christ Lutheran in Wausau yesterday and enjoyed it
very much.  Met Denny Johnson who is with LCEF and we had a good visit. 
For those of you that may have been living in a cave, LCEF, Lutheran
Church Extension Fund is a way to save money and get a fair return and
give churches a place to get money at a fair rate as well.  Talk to Bill
Sharpe in North Dakota and George Miller in Minnesota North for more information.

Pastor David Wetmore had a great sermon on Spiritual warfare.  It made me
think about the word "reasonable".  Paul asks to be delivered from wicked
and evil men in his second letter to the Thessalonians.  The word
translated as "wicked" really means 'unreasonable".  They are out of
place, improper and warped.  Interestingly the opposite is applied to
Jesus as he hung on the cross.  The thief hanging there tells the other
thief that they are getting what they deserve, but of Jesus he says, "this
man has done nothing "unreasonable", out of line or improper.

The devil is unreasonable.  His reasoning is warped and out of place.  God is
unreasonable in his eyes because of His condescending love. 

What does it mean to be reasonable?  It means that you can yield and see
others viewpoints and be entreated. it is the opposite of self interested.
More on this later.