Dennis McManus, who is no stranger to this blog, wrote to correct the day the Minnesota North retired workers luncheon was held, and in the process said he assumed I made mistakes to see if anyone was reading and he expected a prize for the correction.  I don’t give prizes and I am a bit surprised how many folks do read.  They don’t respond on site but in other ways and venues.  In fact one reader started a thought process that has me down the rabbit hole.  I’m researching something that I will write about later.  Right now I will share a bit of doggerel I found in research and change it a bit.  Rev. McManus can considerate it my gift to him.  Please no one write about the fact that there will never be a world wide flood again because God promised.  I know – this is a joke.

If there should be another flood,
For refuge hither fly
For though the world should be submerged
This blog will still be dry!