Callaway explosion

Years ago I did a presentation on “Mercy” at a church that was either at Callaway or Ogema MN.  It may be that the two congregations were together at that time but I believe a few years ago they became a single parish.  I remember a wonderful question and answer period and one of the strangest ice cream dispenser ideas I have ever heard of.  They had a 60 foot long banana split party in the parking lot, but that is a story for another time.

Evidently, just before Easter, a gas truck was hit by a train causing a huge explosion and Beautiful Savior church became a place for evacuated folks to come and also a center out of which the emergency response teams came and went.  This from Katy Wilson for WDAY/WDAZ TV in Fargo.

“Words you’ll hear throughout the town include ‘lucky and thankful’ and for this congregation, ‘blessed.’

“This is a time to praise God and that’s what we’re doing,” said Lynda Fleisher.

Just a few days ago this church was filled with hundreds of emergency responders and volunteers, but on Sunday the church was giving thanks.

Just a few days ago this church was filled with hundreds of emergency responders and volunteers, but on  Sunday the church was giving thanks.

 “We have a really wonderful congregation. Lots of really wonderful, faithful Christians and they didn’t stop to think. When there was a need they just stepped up to help,” said Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Pastor Matthew Meyers.

“And our adrenaline was so high you didn’t even get tired,” said Janet Donner.

After roughly 24 hours as the emergency base, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church has transformed back into a place of worship.

Many in the congregation today expressed gratitude and are thankful no one was badly injured throughout the incident, especially those who had risked their lives.

“Who would have thought that these people would give so much,” said Fleisher.

 City representatives were at the church’s Easter service.

They recognized Beautiful Savior for its contribution to the community during the disaster relief efforts.”

So well done Beautiful Savior for the living exhibit of “Witness, Mercy, and Life Together”.